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One-Line Bio

Our work, our purpose, and the goal of all our efforts is to make one simple insight and one simple act of looking at yourself as universally available and accessible within the entire human community as is life itself.


john & carla sherman

A two-bit hustler in the sixties morphs into a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary bank robber and bomber. After being captured and breaking out twice, and several years on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List, he is caught and spends the next eighteen and a half years in federal prison. Three years before his release, he stumbles on an esoteric Eastern spiritual teaching, and awakens to reality. He is released three years later, marries well, he and his wife Carla stumble upon the actual secret of eternal happiness, and live happily ever after.

1966: two-bit hustler;
1969: revolutionary bankrobber/bomber;
1976: Ten Most Wanted;
1994: esoteric teaching - awakening;
1998: released from prison;
1999: marries well;

... happily ever after ... here with you ...



Many things interest me: music, astrophysics, human history, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, spiritual aspiration and attainment, movies, TV, fiction of all sorts ... many things. But pertaining to the perplexing matter of the nearly universal human dissatisfaction with life, only two things hold my interest: the fear of life, and the simple act of inward looking that snuffs it out.